Anonymous Has Leaked 1.4 GB Data
Famous activist hack group Anonymous hacked German Chambers of Commerce’s website and Anonymous has declared that they got a big amount of data about 1.4 GB. There is Anonymous’ last adventure in our article.

A special and secret group of anonymous has hacked German Chambers of Commerce’s website. The pioneer and famous hack group anonymous targeted Germany at last time. Apparently they could get some important information.

Anonymous has published 1.4 GB data which they hacked from German Chambers of Commerce’s website. There are a lot of suspicious situations among data. As we got used to see, Anonymous left an explanation note. They have been proving their claims with a paper that they scanned. There is Anonymous’ note:

“AHK is an institution which makes lobby works in many countries. They are spying about business world where they in and they are using those information to get advantage.

AHK Ukraine and Azerbaijan offices: When we look at correspondences between Ukraine departments of the Interior and companies such as SOCAR we understand that AHK collects top secret information about Ukraine departments of the Interior and SOCAR by spying.
They said that: We can’t respect to German Chambers of Commerce efforts to get advantages on business by spying and making lobbying. It is unacceptable and we can’t respect.

Anonymous has proved their claims by publishing 65th page. AHK has approved that anonymous hacked some documents of AHK. So anonymous has completed his mission with a success again. Time will show what will happen between anonymous and AHK in coming days.  

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