What is IPhone Mate?
Apple looks like not be silent anymore and will do something as big screen smart phones has been getting amazing sales numbers in the smart phone market. There are new gossips about a new IPhone.

One of the biggest complaints of Apple IPhone users is their phones screen size is still 4 inches but there are smart phone’s standard screen average is 4.3 inches in the smart phone market. According to China Times news, new IPhone will solve this problem. According to rumors Apple will have revealed its new smart phone, which name is IPhone Math, will have a screen whose screen size is 4.8 inches.

Apple is not intentioned to expand its extent to provide ergonomic usage ability to its consumers and to say Apple will produce 4.8 inches phones is very difficult. Also the company has expanded its phone’s screen size barely in IPhone 5. To expand screen size to 4 inches took a lot of time and didn’t carry out before IPhone 5’s releasing.  And we wonder if Apple will change its screen size to 4.8 inches. It is so much for Apple. Although Apple doesn’t like big screens, we are looking forward to get some official news and some details of those rumors.  

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